Sunday, 29 March 2009

Who needs an online IDE - Facebook

Facebook delivered a great platform for third-party programmers to integrate their applications with. You can pretty much do anything Facebook does on their side using the Facebook API. There are some great tutorials out there on how to get started. Most of them will require a significant amount of reading, downloads, installations and configurations. To top that you need a hosting solution of your own, as facebook does not actually host your app, only the IFrame that is used to display it…

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the “Start Now” button on the Facebook developers site would actually start an online IDE with a sample project? Wouldn't you be a "Run" click away from having your own customizable, hosted Facebook app?

Here's what I mean:

So, maybe Facebook still didn't make that button work as expected, but that doesn't mean its not possible...

Next up: "Who needs an online IDE - CodeProject"

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